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  • Carmen Schoder

    Carmen Schoder

    communications manager, activist, bass player, singer. madly in love with cheese sandwiches.

  • Sandro Meyer

    Sandro Meyer

    Leading digital marketing @testingtime. ex-CMO @flatevOfficial. Into Mexican food and Japanese design. Whats new: https://sandromeyer.com/now

  • Tim Reutemann

    Tim Reutemann

    #LiquidReign is out! www.liquid-reign.com #liquiddemocracy #esports #latestagecapitalism #anarchism #mixedreality

  • Jay F Kay

    Jay F Kay

    Lifestyle blogger, foodie, traveller, communication consultant, whisky enthusiast and much more Β» https://hoomygumb.com (Snapchat: hoomygumb)

  • Cyril Gabathuler

    Cyril Gabathuler

    Informatiker Fachhochschulestudent iOS-Developer iPhone-Blog.ch Founder

  • Renato Mitra

    Renato Mitra

    Leidenschaftlicher Vollblut-Blogger. Digital Marketing Ninja. Motto: Experiment, fail, learn, repeat.

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